I just want to hold her hand.

This will help keep you warm.


If you're sure you're not in a hurry, I can use a little help.

We have a two-car garage.

We were sorry for the old couple.

Matthias is in love.

Where is the problem?

I'm sure you have a lot of questions.

Don't touch that button!

I bought some bread on the way home from work.

The girl was used to sitting up till late.


That rumour is not true, is it?

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Dan sincerely believed that Linda was pregnant.

I asked him to mend my shoes.

The government has been emboldened by the lack of response from the international community.

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I respect him.


Did Axel say he was going to do that?

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Shuvra is very obese.

Should we have some lunch?

Informed of his safety, the manager breathed a sigh of relief.

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Car production in that year reached a record 10 million vehicles.

I don't want to listen to you anymore. Get out of here!

You know I'm from a different culture.

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It'll be better next time.

Lui made a suggestion.

Might I come in?

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Hui cried for an hour.


I thought this building was abandoned.


Their plans have gone awry.

I have something to trade.

Stop. I don't want to.

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I don't know what caused it.


Nicholas is very likely to succeed this time.


Jorge's rent is three hundred dollars a month.


How many days comprise a leap year?


In 1964, Roger Miller agreed to record sixteen songs. One of those songs was "Dang Me." It became his first number one selling record.


Do I have to do it right away?

Louis is trying to figure it all out.

I can't promise you that.

You should come.

It's raining hard outside.

Marilyn clicked a button on his remote, but nothing happened.

"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."


I've seen that before.

Can I count on Ping?

I wonder what they're planning.

It looks like Stanly has broken a couple of ribs.

I am going to Paris this weekend.


"...Hey...Hey, teacher!" "Eh? Oh." "Are you really OK? Shouldn't you cancel the lesson?"

The little boy lost a mitten playing in the snow.

I'm sure that Mwa will get the job.


Jackye frequently has lucid dreams.

You students are supposed to be diligent.

Gigi could've been lying.

Did you carry out your plan?

All people breathe air.

I'd like to eat.

What kind of worms are there?

Men are only heroes when they can't avoid it.

The last thing I saw was his spooky face.

They are always quarreling.

She was robbed of the handbag that she had bought last week.


Pia wants to do something.

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There was genius in the way the girl danced.

That's what I intend to do.

There's no air conditioning.


Photolithography is used to make integrated circuits.

Why don't you give him a call?

Put a lid on it!

I knew I was taking a chance.

I'm capable of dealing with problems like this myself.


I'm a very good listener.

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Because of the rain, we didn't play tennis outside.

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You need to loosen up and have some fun.

Do not kill Edward; it is good to fear.

You are late this morning.

We can't allow ourselves to mess up.

I never want to drive in Boston again.

Who are the members of the board?

Why are you so insistent on going with me?

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In the American continent, the consumption of fast-food has tripled between 1977 and 1995.

I have a lot of friends to help me.

You have to stay hydrated.

Malloy looked at himself in the mirror.

The cake will take an hour to bake.


He says "want" when he wants something, and "no" when he does not.

Can anybody tell me where Spass went?

It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America.

Instead of going himself, he sent his son to the political meeting.

Gigi is unavailable.

I see you going by my house every day.

He's rich, but he lives like a beggar.


There's nothing like a dish of homemade ice cream.

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He is an honest man.

That'll make Noemi feel a lot better.

What's your favorite way to cook potatoes?

She helped him get over his bad mood.

I got a scribbled note from him, but haven't heard from him since.


Yesterday I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night.


By that time, astral projection became a prerequisite course in his university.

Eddy can't drive a car so he always rides a bicycle.

Please tell Reiner I wasn't doing anything wrong.


Move forward at full speed!


Thank you for the lovely surprise!

I'm going to go tell Jan that you're back.

Maybe you should come down here.

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Would you mind if I borrowed this?

Something in the sky caught my eye.

Why should she have sent for him?

This is the worst book I've ever read.

Isn't it possible?

I can't stop.

I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

What is sporting your son?

Why is Nanda picking on me?


I wanted to ask your opinion on some things.

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Do you even lift?

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But for the safety belt, I wouldn't be alive today.


I accept your offer.


I've read only the first three chapters.

He drove slowly up the hill.

Ro seemed to be pretty interested in what Jack was doing.

The problem was where to set up the tent.

One can be cleverer than another person, but not cleverer than all others.

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The company didn't respond to requests for comment.


Andrew scared the birds away.

Leila is the one who told me what happened.

Naomi slept later than usual.

John is interested in golf.

Caution! Wet Paint

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Nigel has no hat on.

Julie was lying.

Travis didn't keep Justin waiting long.

We're doing everything we can to find Margaret.

Are you still awake?

Aren't you going to Marcel's party?

Dominic demanded to know why he hadn't been told about the changes.

I think you had better take a rest.

Something doesn't make sense here.

I want you to tell me about Edgar.

Don't forget to water the plants!


Jeannie is a very busy woman.

I'm afraid the story will give him a wrong impression.

Hey, weren't you the one wearing this shirt yesterday?

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Piercarlo and Luis are a perfect match for each other.

Are you also from Kashgar?

That politician won't meet you unless you grease his palm.

She's strong and sexy.

Get on the bus.

Of course, dear, I shall respect you in the morning. What did you say your name is?

I've heard that carrots are good for your eyes.

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I won't let you leave.

This is not about money.

Scot told me he was really hungry.